Strapping Machine

Strapping machines are used to apply flat PP, PET or steel strapping , also known as strapping materials, to a wide variety of packed products.It is an ideal device for a packaging and shipping department to provide a reliable and fast method of securing a box with environmentally friendly strapping materials that can be recycled.Why use strapping machine?

  • To close a pack, for example strapping a lid onto a carton of some kind, or keeping folding flaps closed
  • Adding a degree of security to a pack by making it more difficult to open and providing visible evidence of pilferage where straps have been removed
  • Binding multiple packs together
  • Increasing pack stability, for example, bundles of newspapers which need to be restrained for stacking and handling
  • Locking tall loads to pallet bases for safe storage and transportation.


note strapping machine
Note strapping machine MT 303

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semi-automatic strapping machine mtp202
Semi-automatic strapping machine

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Note strapping machine M.T. 303HS

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